The Real Guide to CPS

Texas CPS

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Anonymous asked: I am the foster parent of two children. They have been in my home for a year. Cps was moving to termination of the mom's rights and me adopting them as part of the permanency plan, however, as of last month they have now gone back to reunification. The mother hasn't worked her plan, she's not on her medication, and Cps is now wanting an extension. Can Cps just change the plan when we're almost done? Do I as a foster parent have the right to seek legal help?

The answer to your first question is, unfortunately, yes, CPS can change their goal at will.  I would point you to CPS Handbook provision 6211.1 that explains the statutory requirement of concurrent planning.  In short, this means that you were one of at least two plans CPS had for the children and they were working on both plans at the same time. 

The answer to your second question is also yes.  You should definitely seek the advice of a competent family law attorney in your area that regularly works with CPS.  You may have rights and, therefore, legal options available to you.